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MRA Hunting – Shawn Michaels MacMillan River Adventures

Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures

2012 Season airs this Tuesday, June 26th


After a twenty-five plus year career in the WWE that included some of the most dangerous moves and stunts ever attempted, WWE legend Shawn Michaels’ extraordinary life almost ended when he, his co-host Keith Mark, and the entire MRA team were charged by a herd of elephants! Watch this clip of the incredible action that was captured on video and you will not miss the return of Shawn Michaels “MacMillan River Adventures” on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 11:30pm EST, only on Outdoor Channel!

Award winning, Shawn Michaels “MacMillan River Adventures” returns to Outdoor Channel on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 11:30pm EST. After an exciting first year, host Shawn Michaels, with his co-host Keith Mark, are back for season two with even bigger and more adventurous episodes! “If you think last year was exciting, you haven’t seen anything yet!” Shawn recently said. “I am so excited for my fans and friends to share with Keith and I these new, and I really believe, better, adventures!” Shawn added. From the first new show of the season, where the entire MRA crew nearly lost their lives to a herd of charging elephants, to the season finale which will feature fellow WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin, and every show in between, season two promises to be an exciting one!

Season two will feature some can’t miss African adventures, a show dedicated to our American freedoms, a couple more “very close” Yukon Moose encounters at the real MacMillan River Adventures, a heart touching hunt with our Outdoor Adventure Foundation friends, a special show with rock and roll and hunting legend Ted Nugent, and many more exciting adventures that feature the special chemistry of Shawn and Keith as they promote faith, family, friendship, conservation, and the values of living a hunting lifestyle, as they hunt in some of the most pristine hunting destinations in the world. “If the cameras picked up just a small portion of the excitement and fun that Shawn and I are sharing on these adventures, the viewers will want to join us every week because I truly believe they will feel like they are hunting with us!” Keith said.

So, don’t miss what has become one of the most anticipated returns to television in Outdoor Channel history, the premier of season two of Shawn Michaels “MacMillan River Adventures!” On, Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 11:30pm EST, join Shawn and Keith as “The adventure RETURNS!”