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MRA Salutes Veterans 11-11-11

Please take a moment today to reach out and say thanks to a Veteran. Remember our Veterans, and say thanks to those who continue to serve our country every day. Our FREEDOM is not without cost and should not be taken for granted. Say a special prayer of thanksgiving for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, so that we can live, work, speak and worship as FREE AMERICANS! – Shawn and Keith

Thank you to all of our Veterans 11-11-11 this is a very special song for a very special group of people by Colton James – Brave Men.Click Here to listen

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  • Wayne Brosman says:

    Shawn, I just caught the end of your program discussing the wolf issue Saturday on my local Outdoor channel. Can I view that show in it’s entirety on your website?

  • Jesse Lombardo says:

    I am a retired army medic I served in the 1208 army hospital 8th medical bargade. I served proud for 6 years. I served 1979 to 1985 as a combats medic.
    Thanks for dedicating the show to those who served proud.
    Spec 4 Jesse Lombardo